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She Said Yes [An Andrew Orpik One Shot]

"My flight lands at two tomorrow afternoon, don't forget to pick me up like last time."
"Yeah, sorry about that Drew. I'll try my best to get out there by two but I don’t know what time practice will be over."
"Look man I'm using my winter break to come see you so you better pick me up."
"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow." He hung up with his brother and clicked on the blinking IM window.
'So is that a no for hanging out after your practice tomorrow?'
'No,' he typed. 'You want to meet my brother?'
'Wait, Brooks Orpik has a brother?' She typed.
'I thought I told you that,' he quickly replied.
'You did, of course I want to meet your brother.'

The next day Brooks walked out from practice to find his best friend leaning against the passenger door of his white BMW. As always, she was dressed in jeans and a hoodie which Brooks guessed was covering a Penguins’ t-shirt, a black Penguins’ winter hat covered her head as well. “So what’s the plan?” She asked.
Lily was also on winter break from school. She attended Robert Morris University as a communications major, and had lived in Pittsburgh all of her life.
“We’ve gotta go to the airport to pick my brother up, other than that no plans.”
Lily smiled and punched Brooks in the shoulder, their normal hello. Even with the eight year ago difference they were the best of friends and had been since Brooks first came to Pittsburgh.
The ride to the airport was spent with the two of them singing along to whatever came on the radio, which was usually what happened when the two of them were in the car together. As they got closer to the airport Brooks glanced down at this watch, one forty-five. He had fifteen minutes before his brother’s flight landed.
Pulling up to one of the exits Brooks but the flashers on and waited for his brother. Around two thirty a tall man who looked a lot like Brooks walked out of the automatic doors and to the white BMW. Seeing that someone was in the front seat he opened the back door and threw his bags to the other side of the back seat before he got in.
“Hey Drew, this is Lily. Lily this is my brother Andrew.”
Lil turned to the backseat and from what she could see he looked exactly like the man she was sitting next to. His dark brown hair was a bit longer than Brooks’, but not gelled, so that she could see the curl to it. His eyes were a bright blue and held her attention for a moment before he spoke.
“It’s nice to meet you, Brooks talks about you all the time.”
She quickly looked to Brooks and back to Andrew. “It’s nice to meet you too.”
Lily turned so that she was facing the road in front of them and they started back towards Pittsburgh. She noticed that Andrew was a lot like Brooks. He was sweet, had the same smile as his big brother and didn’t bother to wear a coat; a hoodie was all that he needed.
“So, you go to Boston College?” Lily asked noticing the maroon hoodie.
“Yeah, Robert Morris, right?”
The three of them hung out for a while before Brooks took Lily home, walking her to the door and giving her a hug, just as every time he drove her home. When Lily sat down on the couch in her parent’s family room her pulled her phone from her pocket to text her best friend.
‘Hey Liz, are you ever y too old to have a crush?’
‘No Lil, why do you ask? Is this one of your ‘I saw a guy on the street who was really attractive’ crushes?’
‘No, I hung out with Brooks today and met his brother. I’m pretty sure I like him.’
Lily continued to text her best friend while in the car Andrew and Brooks were talking, catching up on things.
“So Lily is great!” Andrew said when we walked in the front door of Brooks’ house.
“I’m glad you like her.” Brooks grabbed two cans of Pepsi from the fridge and tossed one to Andrew before sitting down in his chair.
“I mean I know I just met her today, but she’s amazing. She’s beautiful, and plays hockey, and she’s really sweet,” he said excitedly before realizing that the smile on Brooks’ face had disappeared to be replaced by a slight frown. “You like her too, don’t you?”
“No, what makes you think that?” Brooks asked reaching for his can of pop.
“Brooks, I’m your brother can you tell me. And your expression changed so quickly, you like her.”
He froze; placing the can back on the table before the cold liquid even hit his lips. He took a deep breath, sunk down in his chair a bit, and somehow found his voice. Brooks told his brother that he had fallen for Lily two years ago, after they had been friends for about four and a half years. As much as he would love to be more than just friends with her he knew that she didn’t feel the same about him. Being her best friend was enough for him and he didn’t want to do anything to compromise their strong, seemingly unbreakable friendship.
“The fact that she’s eight years younger than me has some influence on the decision too.”
“So do you mind if I get to know her better?” Andrew asked weakly.
“I can’t stop you from getting to know someone,” Brooks laughed. “Besides it’s just a crush anyway.”
“You wanna give me her number?” Andrew asked anxiously only to have his spirits crushed by his big brother.
“If you want this girl you’re going to have to work to get her. You can ask her for her number,” Brooks said smiling widely.

The next day both Lily and Andrew saw at morning skate, watching the players skillfully skate up and down the ice. Lily liked to be close to the players and was sitting only two rows behind the bench. Andrew however was a few rows behind her, contemplating whether or not he should go talk to her. After a ten minute internal argument he decided that it would be best, this was his chance to get to know her better.
“Hey,” he said sitting down in the seat next to her.
“Hey, so what do you think about Pittsburgh so far?”
“It’s nice,” he smiled. ‘Wow,’ he thought to himself. ‘It’s nice? You’re such a lame.’
“So I was wondering if maybe we could get some lunch, ya know, get to know each other.”
“I would love too,” Lily said with a smile. “But I can’t today.” Andrew tried to hide his disappointment. “I have a dentist appointment. How about tomorrow?”
“Sure, sounds good to me.” He said a bit more excitedly than he had intended. “Um, can I have your number so we can make plans?”
“Of course,” Lily smiled. She waited for Andrew to take his phone from his pocket before she said her number aloud.

As soon as morning skate ended Lily headed out to her car and straight to the dentist’s office. Brooks walked out of the shower to find his younger brother sitting at his stall, a wide smile plastered on his face.
“You’re rather happy?” Brooks questioned.
Andrew didn’t say anything. He smiled and held up his phone to show his accomplishment.
“Oh?” Brooks asked. “How’d you pull that one off?”
“I asked her if she wanted to get lunch today, to which replied no, she has a dentist appointment. So then I asked for her number so that we can make plans for tomorrow.”
“Good job kid,” he said tussling his hair like he would a small child after they had achieved something. Andrew had forgotten his hat that morning, making this easy for Brooks.
“So where should I take her?” Andrew asked on the ride home after Brooks was dressed and ready to leave.
“Anywhere will be fine I’m sure.”Brooks said looking at the road ahead of him. “Although there is this Japanese place that she likes, or at least I think she likes.”
Brooks told Andrew about the Japanese restaurant and how he should take to the buffet instead of the Hibachi grill. “That girl likes her food, its better if you take her to the buffet. Maybe you can get her to eat sushi.”
“Does she not like it or something?”
“She’s just never tried it,” Brooks said turning into his driveway. “Maybe you can use your charm,” he said somewhat awkwardly, “to get her to eat it.”
“Well I’m hoping that I can use my charm to get her to like me.”
“Drew, I’m sure you can get her to like you. You’re a good kid, and I’m told you look a lot like me so you shouldn’t have a problem.” He said smiling confidently.

That night Andrew sat at Mellon Arena watching his brother and the rest of the Penguins take on the Islanders. While the Pens were dominating Andrew spent every free moment during commercials and intermission wondering when he should text Lily to make plans.
After forty minutes of play the Pens were up eight to one over the Isles. Petr Sykora had recorded his first NHL hat-trick causing the crowd to go insane. Pascal Dupuis had two goals on the night, only one away from his first NHL HT.
During the seventeen minute intermission Andrew left his seat briefly to get a souvenir Coke and when he returned to his seat he pulled his phone from his pocket. Scrolling through his contacts he finally came to Lily’s name and thought hard about what he wanted to type, he didn’t want to sound stupid.
‘Hey Lily, its Andrew. So I was thinking the Tokyo buffet for tomorrow?’
‘Sounds great,’ she quickly replied. ‘Just let me know on a time and I’ll meet you there.’
‘She’ll meet me there,’ he thought. ‘I really have turn the “charm” up if I want to score this girl. Whoa Brooks moment.’
‘Well Brooks has afternoon practice and I’m not quite sure where this place is, could I maybe pick you up and then you can help get me there. I’m not really good with navigation.’
Andrew was a bit worried after sending this text but was relieved when his phone buzzed less than a minute later to show a text from Lily. ‘Sure, if you can convince Brooks to let you drive his precious Beamer. Meet me at my house at say, noon?’

The third period ended with the Pens winning nine to two and not a head was covered with a hat as Dupuis finished off the hat-trick. Andrew made his way to the home locker room and waited for Brooks to be ready to leave. While he waited he chatted with some of the other players, one of those being Jordan Staal.
“So I saw you talking to Lily this morning,” Gronk said.
“Yeah, I’m going to lunch with her tomorrow.”
“Damn, in town for two days and he already has a date,” Jordan directed this at Sidney. “You should take notes Darryl. “
“It’s not like that guys. She’s a friend of Brooks’ and I just want to get to know her.”
“Whatever you say,” Jordan said punching in the shoulder. “But she’s hot.”
Soon Brooks returned to his stall and began putting his suit back on. When his dress pants were to his knees Andrew tapped his shoulder, like a little brother would.
“Yes, Drew?”
“When you’re at practice tomorrow afternoon can I borrow your car?”
Still extremely happy from the beat down his team had put on the Islanders Brooks smiled and buckled his belt. “To hang out with Lily?” Andrew nodded. “Sure, why not. I’ll see if Scuds is coming in his car and can give me a ride home.”
“Really?” Andrew asked shocked that his brother had said yes.
“As long as you don’t hurt the car and you promise that if you end up in a relationship with her you will never hurt my best friend. You may be my brother but I will still hurt you if you hurt her.”
“I promise!” Andrew said excitedly, and his excitement could be seen in his wide smile.

Penguins’ practice began at eleven which meant that the players had to be at the Mellon by ten o’clock. Andrew hung around for a while leaving at eleven forty-five, allowing himself enough time to get to Lily’s house.
Lily was sitting in her Penguins’ themed room when her phone buzzed on the table next to her. ‘Hey it’s Andrew and I’m in your driveway, well at least I think it’s your driveway.’
Saying good-bye to Liz, Lily closed her laptop after switching her wireless connection off and grabbed her winter hat from the floor by the door. Exiting through the basement door Lily could see down to the driveway where a white BMW was parked.
“Definitely your driveway,” Andrew said with a smile.
Lily smiled as well and once her seatbelt click Andrew backed out of his spot and they were off towards their destination. Lily was used to hanging out with Brooks regularly and seeing him in the driver’s seat of the rather attractive BMW, but she was almost completely sure that she could get used to this Orpik.

When they arrived at the restaurant Andrew wanted to open the car door Lily but decided not to, he did however hold the door to the restaurant for her. After ordering their drinks they got up from the table simultaneously to browse the buffet. Lily arrived back at the table before Andrew with her plate piled high with delicious looking Japanese food.
“No sushi?” Andrew said putting his place on the table before sitting down.
“No, I’ve never had it, which is weird considering the group of guys I hang out with,” She smiled mentioning the Penguins.
“You should try it, if you want to that is,” Andrew said somewhat shyly.
“I think I will, maybe after I finish this stuff,” she looked down to her plate that was in fact piled very high with food, including at least five different kinds of chicken.
“You can try one of mine,” Andrew said with a smile. “Do you like shrimp?”
Lily nodded and Andrew began to search for a certain piece of sushi. Finally finding it he skillfully picked it up with his chopsticks. “This is a Boston Roll.”
Lily, who was not nearly as skilled as Andrew when it came to using chopsticks, went to reach for the sushi only to watch it fall to the table between their plates.
“Its fine,” Andrew said smiling. “I’ll get another one.” He got up from the table and started towards the buffet only to turn back to the table and say, “And I’ll have to teach you how to use those correctly.”
While Andrew was away from the table Lily tried to make it less noticeable that she was embarrassed by what happened but knew that it was no use; her face was obviously a bright shade of red. She knew by the warmth of her cheeks when she lay her on the table for a few seconds just after Andrew walked away.
Upon returning to the table Andrew instructed Lily to slide over closer to the wall so that he could also sit on that side of the booth. When she did as he has asked he smiled, another step closer to the two of them being together?
Lily tried to hide her smile as he sat down next to her and placed the Boston roll on her plate. “Can I please just use a fork?” She asked.
“Nope, you’re at a Japanese restaurant about to eat sushi for the first time, you should do it the correct way.” Lily picked chopsticks up off the table and attempted to hold them. “Hold them like you would hold a pencil.”
Lily looked up to see the reaction on Andrew’s face after she attempted to position the wood in her hand. “Apparently I don’t know how to hold a pencil correctly.”
“Its okay let me help you,” he reached his arm around her and wrapped his hand around hers to help her get a grip on the chopsticks. As much as Lily tried to fight it a chill ran down her spine. “You okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine,” Lily smiled, trying to brush off the fact that his touch had made her shiver.

After lunch Andrew drove Lily home and most of the time in the car was spent in silence, it was only a five minute drive and they had talked non-stop at the restaurant. There were only three traffic lights along the way but all three were red when they arrived, neither seemed to mind though as wide smiles remained on their faces. The first red light lasted longer than most people would like but Lily and Andrew seemed content as the radio played some Paramore song.
As they waited as the light Andrew casually glanced down to the clock and his hand on the gear shift, or at least that’s what Lily thought. Andrew was really looked at her hand that sat almost lifelessly on the seat next to her. How much he would like to pick her hand up and hold it in his own. ‘Friends,’ he told himself.
“Huh?” he said snapping back to reality when Lily spoke.
“The light’s finally green.”
After having to stop at two more red lights they finally arrived at Lily’s house. Again Andrew went to open the door for Lily but only made it to the front of the car by the time she already had the door open and was stepping out of the car; he hoped that she didn’t notice.
“It was nice getting to know you today.” She went to hug him.
“I was gonna walk you to the door, if that’s okay?”
“Of course,” she smiled as they made their way to the stairs.
“Well I guess I’ll see you at morning skate,” he smiled.
“Mhm,” she said as Andrew pulled her into a hug.
It was the perfect opportunity. He knew that it was most probably wrong; that she may not want to talk to him anymore if he did what is heart was telling him to. His mind was saying no, but for once he did what felt natural. As they were pulling away from the hug she looked up to him and into his bright blue eyes as he looked down into hers. This only lasted for a few brief seconds until Andrew’s soft lips pressed gently against Lily’s causing her eyes to close and she couldn’t help but kiss back.
Andrew pressed her gently against the wall, his arm still around her. His mind finally caught up with his heart and was assured that he had done the right thing. Unsure of how far he would be allowed to go with this he parted his lips just enough for his tongue to graze her lips.
Wanting the same thing Lily parted her lips and their tongues began to battle. Not wanting to draw attention from her family that she knew was somewhere in the house Lily began to pull away, obviously disappointing Andrew. When her lips were fully removed from his she opened her eyes slowly, but enough to the see the look of want on his face. The same look was on her face and caused them both to smile.
“I should uh, I should probably go.” Andrew said, somewhat short of breath.
“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow.”
Andrew placed a gentle kiss on her cheek before turning to walk to his car.

After watching the BMW drive away Lily leaned back against the wall, the position she had been in just a moment before. This time though there was something missing, Andrew’s arm was no longer around her and his soft lips were no longer pressed against hers. She sighed, a sigh of relief, and licked her lip, his sweet taste still remained.
She smiled and slowly slid down the wall and sat down first step. Unable to think of anything but the handsome man whose embrace she had left she sat and let her thoughts wander a bit. Those thoughts though were soon broken when her phone buzzed in her pocket.
‘How’d it go with Andrew?’ The text from Liz read.
‘If I told you I don’t think you would believe me.’

As Andrew drove off of Lily’s street he turned the radio up and began to sing along with Bilnk-182’s First Date. ‘How appropriate,’ he thought.
He was going faster than he normally would but he wouldn’t wait to get home so that he could tell Brooks about his amazing day. His smile was plastered on his face when he walked in the front door of Brooks’ house to find Brooks sitting in his chair and watching something on TV.
“How was your ‘date’?” Brooks asked putting air quotes around date after turning the TV off.
“It went okay I guess, and it wasn’t a date. It was two friends eating lunch and talking.” He paused before saying excitedly. “I did get her to try sushi though.”
“That’s good; did she use a fork like she normally does?”
“No,” he smiled. “I uh, I thought her how to use chopsticks.”
“Damn. I take it my car’s okay, right?”
“Yes sir.”
“Anything else you want to tell me about the day?” Brooks asked, he obviously noticed the smile that was now permanently on his face and the gleam in his eye.
“No, not that I can think of.” His smile somehow widened at this point.
“Spill, right now!” Brooks said standing from his chair and for the first time in years being taller than his younger brother.
Somehow he got his brother up from the couch and began to fake hockey fight him. Brooks pulled Andrew’s shirt up over his head like he would a jersey in a real hockey fight and soon he dropped his brother to the floor where he pinned him.
“Okay, okay, get off of me first.” Brooks got to his feet and helped Andrew to his. Andrew pulled his shirt back down over his well toned chest and stomach before sitting back down on the couch. “I walked her to the door and I, I uh.”
“You uh what?” Brooks said mocking his brother and smiling.
“I kissed her,” Andrew was obviously relieved to have told someone about this. He still sat smiling and waiting for Brooks’ reaction.
“Well I take it went well. If she pushed you away or punched you in the face or something you wouldn’t be smiling.”
Andrew didn’t know what to say, he just sat on the couch smiling widely.
“Just remember kid, she’s my best friend and if you hurt her she’ll come to me for comfort.” Brooks looked over Andrew’s face; it hadn’t changed since he had walked in the door. He really did have strong feelings for Lily, who just happened to be his, Brooks’, best friend. “So, when you asking her out?”

“Good morning,” Lily said walking into the locker room before morning skate.
“Morning Lils,” most of the guys said in unison.
Andrew sat at Brooks’ stall, a smile still on his face from the day before, but he didn’t answer Lily’s greeting.
Lily went to talk to Max about how his date had gone the day before, surprisingly he had been with the same girl for a few weeks. Brooks noticed that Andrew was staring dreamily at Lily who stood across the room. “Hey,” he said punching his brother in the shoulder and breaking his trance. “Go talk to her.”
“Huh, oh yeah Lily.” He slowly stood from the bench and made his way to Lily. “Hey,” she said weakly, tapping her on the shoulder.
“Hey Andrew,” she smiled, and he brought her close in a hug.
As the players took the ice for practice Lily and Andrew went to sit a few rows behind the bench. Things were different between them than they were the day before, one may say awkward. They talked a little, but it was mostly about what was going on on the ice.
“So, you’re coming to the game tonight, right?” Andrew asked, shyly.
“Yeah, unless you don’t want me to. I mean Brooks normally gets me a ticket for the seat next to you.”
“No that’s fine, I want to be there,” he smiled. “You’re uh; you’re going home after this right and then coming back for the game?”
“Yeah,” she smiled. She wondered why this was so awkward for both of them; after all they had kissed yesterday. That’s it; it was the kiss that made things weird for them. They had both seemed comfortable during the blissful kiss and even afterwards. Maybe it was that neither of them knew what the other was thinking.

“Hey Lils,” Brooks said when she and Andrew entered the locker room following practice.
“Sup?” she responded with a laugh.
“Do you need a ride to the game tonight?”
“That would be great. Isn’t your car gonna be kind of full though?”
“We all love each other,” he said looking around the locker room to all of the guys who normally carpooled with him. Eats and Scuds had obviously heard what he said and nodded in agreement.
When Brooks was showered and dressed Lily and Andrew went out to his car and waited for him to sign autographs before they went to Lily’s house to drop her off. Brooks had decided that he would pick her up before going to the arena at about five o’clock.

Dressed in her Pens gear Lily walked out of her house at five where she was met by Mark, Rob, Brooks, and Andrew. All of the guys said hello, Eats and Brooks turning around before they pulled out of the driveway.
“Hey Lily,” Andrew, who sat next to her in the backseat whispered.
“Hey,” she smiled, she wanted to say more, but didn’t know what.
When they arrived at the arena Lily and Andrew went to the locker room with the ‘Three Musketeers’ and waited for the rest of the guys to get there and suit up. Just before the team took the ice for pre-game skate Lily and Andrew found their seats and Andrew pulled his phone from his pocket.
“Who you texting?” Lily asked.
“The Jumbotron,” he smiled. “I hope it gets on.”
“What’s it say, so I know if it gets on.”
“Believe me, you’ll know which text is mine.
Soon the players took the ice to stretch and warm up. While the zamboni cleaned the ice the Jumbotron displayed texts from fans and Andrew looked up at the screen anxiously awaiting his to appear.
It didn’t come during that time or during the first intermission. When the texts disappeared during the second intermission he grew tense and Lily could tell that something was wrong.
“Everything okay?” she asked picking her drink up.
“Yeah, everything’s fine. My text wasn’t up yet, but I’m sure it’ll go on during the second intermission.” He smiled.
“If did doesn’t will you tell me what it said?”
“Yeah, it would be better if it was up on the screen though,” the last part was mumbled.

The second period went well and the boys on the ice played hard. Not much conversation took place between Andrew and Lily however they both screamed a few profanities at the officials, but that was expected from true hockey fans, and hockey players.
When the second period ended Andrew rubbed his hand together and waited for the Verizon Wireless logo to appear on the screen which meant that the fan texts would be shown on the screen. A few texts were shown and both Lily and Andrew watched intently to see if his appeared.
Andrew tired to hide his excitement when it finally did and turned to see Lily looking directly at him. The text read, ‘Lily, will you please make yesterday be my everyday... Will you go out with me?’
Lily froze for a moment, her eyes locked on Andrew. The row that they sat in and the one behind them knew that the text was theirs and waited for Lily to answer. “I can’t believe you.”
Andrew was now worried. “I can’t believe that you would do something so adorable. Of course I will go out with you Andrew!”
Andrew breathed a sigh of relief, wrapping his arm around and sending one more text to the Jumbotron. His phone was placed in his pocket and he turned to face his new girlfriend. His smiled matched hers and soon their lips were together, their first kiss as boyfriend and girlfriend.
The arena erupted with cheers and the man sitting behind them tapped both Lily and Andrew on the shoulder. They broke apart to see their second text on the Jumbotron, the soul reason for all the cheering in the arena at that moment. ‘Lily said yes, I’m the happiest man alive – Andrew.’


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