Friday, September 26, 2008


I am so sick of everyone, mostly teachers, talking about college. Yes at some point I will go to college, but not right away.

I am joining the US Air Force & going active duty straight out of high school.

I really cannot stand people who scream things in the middle of the National Anthem. I don`t care if you`re not patriotic, but it`s so disrespectful. There are men & women out there risking their lives so you can be safe & free, & you can`t be silent for 90 seconds.

My dream is to go to Robert Morris University & major in Communications.

I would do anything to work for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Friends are pretty much what keep me sane (or insane). Without them I don`t know what I would do.

I`m kind of close with my family, mostly my brother Chuck, my sister Sharon, & my dad.

I miss my dad, but I try not to show it too much. I don`t want people to get worried about me.

Irish music is pretty much the most amazing stuff out there. Well really Celtic music in general. Gaelic Storm, Pogey, & The Glengarry Bhoys are some of my favorite bands.

The members of Pogey showed me that to enjoy music you have to have fun with it.

Bagpipes are my favorite instrument & I`m "learing" to play them.

I cannot stand my hair & the only feature I really like are my eyes.

Without my best friend Ryan there is no way in hell I would have made it through this summer.

The Twilight series are four of the best books I`ve ever read in my life.

I sing, but I really don`t like to anymore unless it`s for band.

People who can`t be quiet during moments of silence really piss me off. (Playoffs 08 for Luc Bourdon)

I have the most amazing, sweetest boyfriend ever! (Thank you Ryan!!!)

I love hockey players & bagpipers, I can`t help it.

I have a massive crush on Mark Eaton & Brooks Orpik.

The Mellon Arena is my home away from home & I`ll miss it so much when it`s gone.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are my OBSESSION & I love them more is probably healthy.

That`s probably more than you wanted to know, but when I get inspired I write.

That`s it, byes!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Jacob Black?

Since I made a list for Edward I figured I should make one for Jacob too. So this is how I see Jacob, in terms of features I took from various Pittsburgh Penguins.

Hal Gill's height
Jordan Staal's smile
Max Talbot & Kris Letang's hair
Sidney Crosby's body
Marc-Andre Fleury's caring heart
Evgeni Malkin's eyes
Colby Armstrong's lips.

I know that it`s not much, but they don't really give a good discription of any of his other features. So this is what I took from my reading so far & this is how I picture Jacob. Not the way that the damn person who did the casting for the movie see him. I really don't agree with any of the people they casted. I have to say that I really don`t think that there is anyone in the world sexy enough to play Jacob or Edward.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hmm Edward Cullen...

So this is for all you Twilight & Pittsburgh Penguins' fans.
This is what we think Edward Cullen looks like, well when thinking of current & former Guins players.

Sidney Crosby`s eyes
Kris Letang`s nose
Evgeni Malkin`s bottom lip
Colby Armstrong`s sense of humor
Colby Armstrong`s crooked smile
Marc-Andre Fleury`s laugh
Max Talbot`s devious mind
Jordan Staal`s body
Tyler Kennedy`s freaking adorableness
Ryan Malone`s car

Pretty Damn sexy if you think about it!