Saturday, February 21, 2009

Double the Pleasure

This is something I wrote about two of my favorite Penguins Jordan Staal and Mark Eaton and me. It contains detailed sex scenes so if this bothers you do not read it. [Disclaimer: This completely fictional]


Jordan Staal

Mark Eaton

Of course Jordan was with me, we are married. “I got you a present you’re going to love,” he said.

“Oh?” I asked skeptically.

“I though that you would enjoy having a three-some with your amazingly handsome husband and the guy you have a crush on.” I looked confused and pleased at the same time. “Oh come on everyone knows you have a thing for Mark. A smile spread across my face and I bit my lip in an attempt to look innocent. “You will be the furthest thing from innocent when Mark gets here.” Just then there was knock on the door and I looked out the window to find a black SUV in the driveway and a tall blonde man on the porch. “Hey man,” Jordan said opening the door.

“Jordan, Miriya,” he brought me into a hug as Jordan closed the door.

“Hello Mark,” I pulled away from the hug and looked the older man up and down. A smile spread across my face and I took both guys hands leading them to the bedroom.

Jordan sat down on the edge of the bed; I lay in the middle with Mark straddling my hips. He lowered his lips to mine and I started to inch his shirt up. We broke the kiss to remove his blue t-shirt and mine as well. He moved back to remove his shorts and Jordan took this opportunity to dive in.

His lips caught mine and just as always with him things moved quickly. His shirt was off in a matter of seconds and Mark swooped in capturing my lips as Jordan removed his plaid shorts and my silky basketball shorts.

I ran my hands down Mark’s chest and stomach to the waistband of his boxers. I ran my hand along the elastic band and though his lips were still on mine they let a deep moan escape. In an effort to tease him and deepen the kiss I brought my hands up his back before running my fingers through his soft blonde hair.

Jordan was placing kisses on my legs and as he moved up my right thigh my fingers clung to Mark’s hair as I tried to suppress a moan. I could feel both of them getting hard and this made me more anxious, if that was possible. Mark’s lips had moved from mine to my neck and easily found the right spot, however he didn’t stay there long. As I let out a moan he and Jordan switched places.

I barely got out the words ‘really guys?’ before Jordan was unhooking my bra and Mark lowering my panties with his thumbs. Jordan started to kiss me, first in the sweet spot on my neck but quickly moving to my collar bone and breast.

Mark placed kisses on my thigh while his hand worked its way up. I could barely control myself as my two lovers continued to kiss me, both men’s lips feeling so right against my bare skin. Jordan still concentrated on my right breast as Mark’s hand reached its destination, slipping one finger in. I gasped causing both men to smile and continue.

Jordan spent a few more minutes on my right breast before moving to the left; at this point Mark had three fingers and was going excruciatingly slow. I continued to moan as both men continued their work, and they grew harder with each of the moans that escaped my lips. Mark slipped in a fourth finger as Jordan left a hickey on my left breast. At this point I was over the edge and had my first orgasm of the evening.

Both men smiled at what they had accomplished and switched positions again; each kicking their boxers off as they went. Mark kissed my neck as Jordan lowered himself to the bed and I finally got what I had been waiting for. Even with as much perpetration as I had had I screamed his name. Mark began to kiss my lips again as Jordan varied his speeds causing me to moan loudly. Mark again kissed my neck and I moaned in approval. I was about to have my second orgasm of the night and one more hard thrust would have sent me over the edge, but Jordan could see the look in my eyes and pulled out. “I hate you,” I said weakly.

“No baby you love me,” Jordan said as his lips captured mine for a heated kiss.

Mark had decided to tease me and again placed kisses on both thighs as Jordan made his way to my breasts again. Jordan bit my nipple just as Mark slipped a finger in. Both men smiled as all of my muscles clenched and I finally had my second orgasm. Jordan looked at me as if asking whether I wanted to stop or not. I wanted more and I let him know by kissing him roughly.

Mark slipped in a second and third finger, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed his arm, “No, I want you NOW!” A smile spread across his face as he lowered himself to me. “Oh my God Mark!” Mark and I both grew closer to our climaxes and Jordan still kissed my neck. One more thrust sent both Mark and I over the edge and Jordan muffled my moans with his soft lips. When Mark had finished he pulled out and somehow still had energy to hungrily kiss my lips.

Jordan lowered himself to me and didn’t waste any time. “Oh Jordan,” I said as Mark pulled away for air. I was pushed over the edge again and Jordan wasn’t far behind. Mark placed one last kiss on my lips before falling to the bed next to me. Jordan used what was left of his strength to hold himself above me and placed a gentle kiss on my lips and cheek before he too fell to the bed. “Do you mind?” I asked.

Jordan knew what I was asking, “Go ahead.”

I moved closer to Mark and rested my head on his chest. “I love you two more than you know, thank you.” They both kissed my check and Mark wrapped his arm around me. I smiled as I looked at the clock on the bedside table that now read three hours later than when we began. I nestled my head into Mark’s chest and slipped into a peaceful sleep.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


My wish has been granted, the Penguins now former coach has been fired. I no longer have to deal with Michel Therrien and his suckish ways. I have been waited for this day to come and finally peope started to agree with me about a month or two ago. It has been about an hour if not more since the glorious news was announced but I shall continue to celebrate.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm DONE!!!

I'm sitting in school and I just presented my graduation project. I'm finally done!!! I'm so excited to finally be done with and have the stress of it all go away. Now I can spend more time focusing on my story and other important things in my life. YAY!!!

You should all go check out my story entitled Staal and all of the other stories on my blog list, they are all written by talented authors and I don't think I could get through life without them and their touching stories.