Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kris Letang?

Hey guys!!! I want to thank everyone for reading both Staal and Le Petit Fleur, I really appreciate it. As you may have noticed I have been really motivated to write lately, I have no idea why, but I'm not complaining about it. I know Staal and Le Petit Fleur are a lot, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in really a Kris Letang story? I seem to be the one who writes about the guys who only have one or two stories anywhere about them. I just like to show my appreciation to those guys and what they do.

So let me know if you would be interested in reading about Kris because I started a story today.

Thanks guys, and keep reading!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Brooks

I'm having an obsession with Brooks Orpik of the Pittsburgh Penguins and this is something that I thought up. [Disclaimer: Includes detailed sex scenes, do not read if this bothers you.]

Brooks and I had been together for about a year and he was my first boyfriend in a long time, the first since the bad break-up. I had been friends with him for about four years before we started going out, we had met in his second season with the Penguins. As I said we had been together for about a yea, but we had never done anything more than kiss passionately. We had slept in the same bed many times, but never had sex, that is until that one day.

“Hello my love,” he said returning home from practice one Saturday.

“Hey,” I said with a smile. No matter what I smiled every time I saw him, I was so deeply in love with this man.

He came to the couch where I sat and leaned over the arm to place a kiss on my lips. His beautiful Caribbean blue eyes looked into mine as he spoke the words, “I love you.”

“Believe me Brooks I love you too.” As I said this he took my hand, bringing me into a standing position only to sit back down once he had taken my place on the couch. I felt so comfortable with him, though his touch still sent shivers throughout my entire body.

Once I was in his lap he ran his hand along my cheek to tilt my head up towards him and our lips met. This was a usual occurrence, but this time it felt different. This kiss was not like any other kiss I had ever experienced. This kiss was filled with passion, and though all of our kisses were this one was somehow more passionate, like a spark had ignited a fire. I’m sure that he felt it too because his muscles flexed as he tried to bring me closer, something that would have previously seemed impossible.

Only a few moments more were spent in the living room as things heated up. With his arms tightly around me we quickly made our way to the bed room. Leaving the lights off he kicked the door closed and lay me gently on the large bed, crawling on and straddling my hips. With not a second wasted he reconnected our lips. The intensity of the kiss was insane, all of our emotions were channeled into this kiss, and there was a lot of emotion.

He held himself above me, but couldn’t hold back for long. I pulled him closer, running my fingers through his long brown hair. His hands ran over my stomach as he inched my shirt up, not wanting to break the connection. Eventually he had to as the hem of my shirt rested just below my breast. His lips slowly separated from mine and he removed my shirt with ease before rekindling the fire when his lips were back on mine. For the brief moment that our lips were apart I opened my eyes and saw the passion burning within his, we both felt the same way and wanted the same thing.

Soon we broke apart again to remove his t-shirt. The before we were reconnected this time was longer this time as we looked deep into each other’s eyes and I ran my hands from his stomach, up his muscular chest and to the back of his neck finally reconnecting our lips. He broke the bond as his lips moved from mine to my neck where he quickly found his spot, bringing chills to my entire body. “You’d think that I’d be used to it by now, that it wouldn’t affect me any more.” My breath was heavy as he kissed just below my right ear.

“I’m glad it still works,” his lips were touching my neck as he spoke. Though he has shaved the day before he had some light stubble and as he continued to kiss my neck it tickled me, pushing my weakness even further. He quickly removed my jeans and his as well to save time. “Before we go any further, are you sure you ant to do this?”

I nodded, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you Brooks.”

He smiled at my words, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you too.” I could tell that he wasn’t saying it just because I did, I could see in his eyes that he was telling the truth. He ran his hands along my sides one more time before reaching back for the clasp on my bra. With it successfully removed he leaned down once more to kiss my lips and it was then that I knew how much he wanted this. He began to kiss my again causing a moan to escape my lips, causing him to grow harder. Wanting to make the experience special he took it slow, placing kisses down my neck, to my collar bone and eventually reaching my breast. Spending equal time on each he slowly left a trail of kisses down my stomach and to the waistline of my bikini underwear. With one last kiss he looked up into my eyes as if asking again if I was sure and if I was ready. A smiple nod was all I could give, I needed this and he could tell by the lookin my eyes. Running his hands down my sides he then removed my panties with his thumbs and quickly removed his boxers as well.

With one last kiss on my lips he lowered himself to me, smoothly and gently entering., a loud moan escaping my lips. He went slowly for a moment until I couldn't take it anymore. "Please Brooks faster," I said short of breath.

Wanting to fulfill my every wish he began to trust faster. All I could think about was how much loved him and how great it was to finally be with him. Wanthing this as much as I did he kept his pace for a while until all of our muscles tensed. Wanting to push me over the edge he thrust harder, I moaned his name as I orgasmed and he soon followed. Looking deep into my eyes he said, "I love you Miriya, with all of my heart."

"I love you too."

The kiss he placed on my cheek was like a feather compared to the pervious event. A wide smile on his face told me that he was please and apparently the one on my told him the same. It was my first time and I was so glad that it was with him. He still had energy left and he used it to hungerily kiss my lips and then my neck. Again as he kissed my neck moans slipped through my lips and with each one Brooks grew harder. Obviously he and I were ready for more. One last kiss was placed on my lips as he lowered himself again and entered just as gently as the first time.

Wanting it to last but at the same time wanting to climax he went at a tmedium speed. This time we both orgasmed at the same time. He slowly pulled out, placing a gentle kiss on my cheeck. With absolutely no energey left in either of our bodies he fell to my side and pulled me closer. Resting comfortably in his arms I nestled my head against his chest, his body felt so good against mine. "I love you," he whispered.

"And I love you." With that he pulled the sheet over us and we drifted into a peaceful sleep.


The first chapter of my Fleury story is up!!! It is a re-make of my one of my old stories, but is a lot better than the old one. You should all go check it out and leave comments so I know whether to continue with it or not. Also continue to read this story because it gets good in the future.

Thanks guys it really means alot. LETS GO PENS!!!

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